Learning OOP Perl

How hard is it to make the transition from being skilled with Perl as a scripting language to being able to program with Perl as an OO language? I have been recruiting for some web application dev spots and they are requiring solid OOP Perl skills. But what I am finding are people who make the claim that they can pick up that level of Perl even though they have only been using it to script (for automation or whatever).

Can one really make the transition that easily (assuming that they already know other OOP languages)?



  • [size=2]I think if a person who knew a bit of Java/C++ or OOP concepts can understand the OOPerl fast then scripting guy. Again OOPerl is not easy to learn because of various reasons. Take a simple case of basic object creation mechanism which is also not very straight forward in OOPerl.

    On other side things are changing after #Moose.
    But I strongly believe that Object oriented programming really requires different mindset. [/size][color=Green][/color]
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