Problem in drawing 3D graph in Matlab

Hi, I'm facing problem in plotting a 3D graph in Matlab. I'm not using the meshgrid or similar function because the range of x and y need to be specified specially(Please refer attachment for details).
Thanks for any reply from u..


  • Have you tried the function [u]plot3[/u]?
  • ya, I had used plot3 in the same program. plot3 is used for 3D line. But what I need is a 3D surface graph specified in a special range of x and y.
    I need to draw a 3D grpah of the exact solution, then use plot3 to show the numerical solution( few points) on the 3D graph.
  • can't you use the [u]surf[/u] function and then modify the axes properties with the function [u]set[/u]?
  • Can you give me some examples? My problem involved the polar coordinate. suppose it is used [u]polar[/u] function in Maple,but in Matlab, I can't understand the [u]polar[/u] funtion, so I don't know how to apply the function into my project.
  • Did anyone know about cart2pol function in Matlab?
    [THETA,RHO] = cart2pol(X,Y)
    It means change the cartesian coordinates [italic]x[/italic] and [italic]y[/italic] to polar coordinates. Before applying this method, I think there should be a list of [italic]x[/italic] and [italic]y[/italic] coordinate in the system in order to change it into polar coordinate.
    Now, the problem is, if I use meshgrid, the domian is incorrect, it included the coordinate which I do not want (and excluded the coordinate which I want).
    Can anyone tell me or teach me how to fix the problem by writting a command code, to specify the range of x and y correctly? Or should I use pol2cart function? change the polar coordinate to cartesian coordinate, then use those cartesian coordinate to plot my graph.
    (Please refer to the attachment for a clearer description)
  • Dear anyone, I have been using hard-code to fix my problem. Thanks for any help from you.
  • Hi,

    I have a similar problem as you posted.
    Could you tell me how to solve it?

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