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Hi there,
I am trying to put different GPS software on a satnav that is running a mobile version of windows ce 4.2, the original software turns on the satelite reciever ( I have probed GPS Vcc pin and it goes from .6v to 3.3v)
but this other software does not turn it on, I cannot find an option in windows 4.2 that lets me access the com ports to enable them, can you add to the control panel to access the settings? How can I turn on the GPS
the specs for the device are

ARM920T - 400 MHz
sirf star III GPS
32MB Nand Flash
64 MB SD Ram
2GB MMC card

The wierd thing is if I load the original program from windows desktop instead of the satnav menu it doesnt turn on the Gps reciever either? what I did to get to the desktop is duplicate the mmc card then rename the navigator.exe program, boot from the copy, when the gps menu comes up I press on the navigator icon it says it cannot find it and you press a little "ok" button that comes up and it takes you to the windows desktop, if you then replace the card with the original ( without re booting) and "explore" for the navigator.exe program, double click on it the program loads up but doesnt turn on the gps?

Why wont it turn on the gps if you access the working program from the desktop?


  • I have a NavCam 7000 running Windows CE 4.2 as well and i feel that it may be similar.

    If you can access the Windows Explorer function on your device, go to the Windows folder and then go to the top bar and click on VIEW and then OPTIONS then make sure all three boxes are checked and click OK.

    Then look for a file named GPS_ON_OFF.exe, when you double click/open it, your GPS should turn ON if you click it again it turns off,

    Therefore I opened Regedit.exe in the device and aded a rule in the initial launch folder that launched that file at start up.
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