I'M reading a book and MySQL but I need to load the datebase for the book before I can begin to use it. I have both files, create.sql, & populate.sql. I can't figure out how to load them into MySQL. The book suggested that I download MySQL Administrator & MySQL Query Browser, so I did. But I can't seem to login. In order to login to MySQL I just type in my password, but it seem to be more complicated to get into Query Browser or Administrator. Both programs want to know the following.

Stored Connection
Server Host
Default Schema

I'M pretty sure my Server Host is "localhost", which is what I have it set to, but I'M not sure. Although I know my password, I don't know my username, the command based MySQL never ask me for my username. So how do I find out what it is?
And what is Default Schema? Thanks.


  • The default username for mysql is root, you dont necessarily have to input a default schema.
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