Sending data by Javascript

Hi guys

I ve created a website(example.html),and I d like, when the user wants to login the username and password being sent to 2 location ,1.Sent to a network share or an internal database 2.sent to the example.html to login
and redirect to the website.
I d like to do this job by Javascript,Is that possible?

I know that javascript is client-side,but if you work with Facebook, when you chat, just view its source, u ll see that is using Javascript.

I d like to know,how is it possible?


  • You cannot send mail with javascript other then opening a new message in the e-mailclient of the user.

    I think facebook sends an AJAX request to the server or something (I didn't look at it sorry..) and then the server does the rest.
    the Netherlands...
  • Thx,I got it.
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