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I am new for php.
I am helping our church to create a forum writeen with php. However the annoying thing is that everyday there are several new guys registering the forum and post spams.

How can I stop them?

I heard that we can add one authenticate statement when sign up.
Such as answer 1+1=2.

Is it true?
Can you please give me some sample codes?



  • The best method to prevent spam is to use captchas before submitting anything. And if you want to take it a step further, throw up moderation.
  • It does have something which is similar with Captch Code.
    I am not sure that are they same?

    Refresh if you can't see it clear.

    updateseccode(80, 35)

    But it can't stop the spams.
  • Thanks zsh for the useful code
  • You can integrate reCAPTCHA with php pages. That will do solve the problem.
  • [color=Blue]This site has CAPTCHA and did it really help to stop spam I see each day?[/color]
  • Sorry for offtop but I have a similar problem and want to insert a captcha in this [link=]php form[/link] but do not have the necessary knowledge in php and do not know how to do it. Can someone help me?
    Thanks in advance.
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