how to solve this problem?

when my pc start I heard the sound of beeping, it not the usual beeping.


  • Does it start normally then? Does the beep repeat or does it only come on once? Did you add hardware before this?
  • If your PC is start as usual, nothing for your OS. If not you can go to CMOS Setup to reset your incorrect message.
  • Hi

    You did not mention how long or short beep it is?
    It can be RAM problem or Video problem.

    Check these hardware
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  • It sounds like a stuck key on the keyboard. If it boots up normally except for the beep, a key may be stuck on the keyboard. If so, try looking at the control panel and it might identify the faulty key. A good visual inspection with the unit off could give you an idea of which one. Press each key, even the function keys and numeric cluster, see if they feel okay or don't seem to have the same ACTION as the rest. Maybe one is stuck down or feels funny. The space bar is the most common culprit. Good luck.
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