Help! Creating an online test

I'm trying to create an online test and I am not very familiar with the radiobuttonlist control.

I have 3 classes..cTest, cQuestion, cAnswer...within cTest I have a generic list of cQuestions, within cQuestion, a generic list of cAnswers.

So my thought was that I could use foreach to display the questions and answers...which worked...however, I'm not sure how to retrieve the selected answers when the user clicks submit. Any ideas?

Also, is this the best way to do things? I like the idea of using generic lists, however would it be better to use DataSets and bind them to the RadioButtonLists?

Any help appreciated



  • hello, you can try to search in google?
    haha~ i feel here people are very less?
    have no more persons answer the questions!
  • yes thanks. I tried google as well as other website forums and found my answers! I used to love this site for all the quick responses on forums. Now it takes a week to get a response...if you ever do
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