embedding Firefox

I have been searching and searching for a way to replace TWebBrowser with a mozilla version.

The sites I have found are so confusing and they give instructions that dont exist in my version of delphi.

I am using Turbo Delphi for windows:


  • looks like its time to remove "Programmers Heaven" from my favorites list of programmer help pages.

    3 days and not even a tag asking for more information.

    After several hours of web hunting I have learned:
    Borland started a new section called codegear which was sold to another company who is all about money.

    Turbo Delphi is no longer supported and ALL of the "personal" versions that were at one time free for NON commercial use are no longer supported.

    I am like many of you and not about to fork out 3 grand for a program to learn programming.

    MS styill offers some of theirs for free but I never liked MS,

    I got a copy of Delphi 7 from a friend that allows me to import 3rd party components and I have added TMozillaBrowser to it and have it working no problems.

    For others who may be seeking this same problem:
    Turbo Delphi does NOT allow the import of any components get Delhi 7.

    The Mozilla browser works exactly the same as a TWebBrowser with minor tweaks and addons needed.

    happy coding, as I am removing this site from my links and seeking a more "awake" programers site.
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