Teach an Old Dog New Tricks


I hope the content of this post is within the decorum of this forum, and I hope the replies I get will help others also.

I've been a software developer since 1967, hence the name PapaGeek! In my previous position we used visual studio 6 and we did most of our programming in C with a little MFC thrown in where needed to access web pages and databases. My new position is going to require knowledge of .NET and Visual Studio 2008 with all of its bells and whistles, including the use of a lot of 3rd party add on's like boost, etc.

My question is one that has been asked many times before, "How do you teach an old dog new tricks?" I learn best by watching videos while actually doing what is shown in a separate window. Can someone recommend a good video learning series to take an old geezer like me from a very solid C background into the new world of C# and .NET?

Thanks in advance for any replies



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