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Hi, i'm developing a piece of software that requires a database, the purpose of the database is to store recipes and will be searchable by numerous fields... i.e Ingredient, Fat content etc..

Now i don't really want to use Access if possible, so what other database options are open to me?

Cheers for any replies and feel free to ask for more info..


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    It depends on the environment your software is going to be running in.

    If you want the database to reside locally on the computer the software is on, then your best solutions will be an XML database or an Access database.
    If the database is going to reside on a server that you can create a connection to, then a SQL Server Database might work out for you as well.

    There are numerous different types of Databases, but choosing one is usually a decision that hinges on the platform you are developing towards
  • The database will need to be on the same comp as the software. The reason i wanted to avoid using Access was the way that it looked in the VB form, it's more aesthetic reasons than anything else...?
  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    I don't understand what you mean? The way your form looks should be entirely customizable, and not dependant on the type of database your using. Unless you are directly binding your database to objects you have on your form...

    I have a pretty decent post here on using Access with VB:

    Hope this helps!
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