Entrepreneurial ventures available?

Hi everyone, my name is Robert, by the way. I was looking for anyone who had some ideas about finding entrepreneurial programming ventures to work on. A few years ago, I had an entrepreneurial gig at TheWeb.ca, which was excellent, I got some great business experience and the compensation turned out to be pretty good too. However, at this point I am looking for something to do oversees, particularly in Europe. I specialize in .net programmer and have 3 years experience, 2 of which was from www.TheWeb.ca.

Anyone know of anything in particular?




  • Hey Robert...

    I did some graphics for TheWeb.ca Internet Services Inc., and you're right it turned out to be great. It was so much work, but profitable, especially at the time when I was in university and had some time to kill and wanted some good work experience before my third year was up. I may have a site for you that does oversees ventures, but will have to do some searching again to find it. TheWeb.ca is the only one I know of, that's half decent anyway that's local.


    Pat D.
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