pls help me ASM i need u :(

pls i cant solve my home work i need the solution >>>

Write an assembly program based on 68k assembly to read an equation with the
following specifications:
1. The format of the equation is: Operand1OperationOperand2 without any
2. Operand1 & operand2 are positive, single decimal digits (0-9).
3. Code can perform the following operations:


  • No one has helped me, so I doubt anyone here will help you, I'm sorry to say. They seem to be the typical attitudes you get around brains.

    I've had my post up forever and still no one has even bothered.

    But its the typical way isn't it of people, those who have brains, have no heart.

    Or at least thats what it seems like cause I have asked for help forever and no one has.

    I've given up.

  • [color=Blue]This is probably because no one here knows 68K assembler.[/color]
  • first off .. If someone could have helped they would have helped you and if they could not help .. dont blame them ..blame the person forcing them not to help you ..

    about x68 assembler you call it . I have never heard about it .. Is it some sort of older Chip ? you really ought to change the school you are at now you should be learning 8086 assembly instead of some x68 .. and if this is some special Simulator created to learning Assembly then man .. I helped someone in the Past with one of there 8 bit simulators ..

    I had to read the whole document and help the person ..

    So if you still need help .. I could read up the documentation you have and if the time hasnt passed .. Then just send me a message on this form ..either in the personal mail section or reply to this post with your email ID and i will reply as soon as possible .. As far as having brains .. I was no goodderr azt school ..

    never made it more than 20 percent in all subejcts .. except for grade 7 .. where i scored 80 percent but i think that had to do with the nice and kind teacher i had ..

    anyways .. If you want that code done ..then hit me up ASAP ..
    If you cant get it done .. For Gods Sake Grow some Horns little Goat ..

  • I have some knowledge of the 6809E microprocessor and it's assembly language. What exactly do you need help with? It sounds like a sort of calculator program. It's been a long time since I've done anything with this microprocessor but as I remember it had two eight bit accumulators A and B which can be combined to form a 16 bit accumulator D. A multiple phase clock, page zero flags and registers (registers could be directly accessed as they reside in memory external to the microprocessor). The condition codes were HINZVC Half carry, Integer,Negative,Zero,Overflow and Carry. Is this the machine you are working with? Does your program need to handle signed integers or be capable of floting point decimal arithmatic?
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