How to speed up my computer?


I am Thomas from Fair Haven, NJ. From last few days my desktop PC is working very slowly. What I have to do to speed up my PC? Basic configuration is as below.

Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.5 GHz Processor
Ram: 2GB
HD: 350 GB
Mother Board: Giga Byte
OS: windows XP

I am using Office2007 in my PC. I have enable firewall. Can I disable it? If so, then how to protect my pc from virus attack?


  • I am using Photo Shop, Page maker, Coral, Office2007, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Acrobat reader 8, Mozilla Firfox 3.0 and Internet Explorer 8 etc... in my PC. I am also using Notron360 Antivirus and Outlook Express for email received and sent. Actually when I am going to open more than 3 or 4 application including internet explorer machine going to work slowly when I am using Tab to move other application.
  • Open Task Manager and see what uses a lot of memory and CPU resources. If it's something you don't recognize, then try to remove it. Check your page file usage too. If it's close to 2GB, then you might need to get an extra gigabyte of memory.

    Practically any firewall other than the Windows firewall makes the computer quite laggy. Avira has seemed to be the least laggiest to me. Norton was awful, though. The biggest threat to a computer is the one between the screen and the chair. If you can keep yourself from downloading random programs from random sites, then you'll most likely be fine without any firewall/AV.
  • Thanks for your support. As you said in your post I am go through it. I am back if I have any other issue. I hope you don't mine.
  • As per your suggestions my PC speed is little increase but can you please let me know how to check malware and spyware in my PC?
  • Please suggest me the name of virus, malware and spyware removal product?
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  • Slow computer?
    -> PC optimization... i know a group of guys who can perform this for you... check their site...
  • do disk clean up and Defragmenter regularly. keep minimum icon on desktop.
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  • Was there anything you installed (hardware or software) before your computer became slow? That might be the clue. If you don't have a clue, try increasing the page file as already suggested and if you're using Vista you could use a flash drive for ReadyBoost. And maybe upgrade your RAM. Also, a great anti-virus program I can recommend that uses only few memory is Prevx.
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  • if u r using big software like photoshop, 3d games etc maybe make up ur system slow remove them and try
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