PDFBox and Lucene in Eclipse and Netbeans

Hi all,

I want to learn Java and write a program using PDFBox and Lucene and I`m trying desperately to get both working in Eclipse and Netbeans.

Until now I couldn`t find some information on how to import zip files in Eclipse and Netbeans.

I see PDFBox under Java Build Path / Libraries and the contents of the PDFBox are in the project explorer under my project but when I try:

import org.pdfbox;

I get the error: "the import org.pdfbox cannot be resolved"

What I`m supposed to do with this PDFBox zip File?

How does it integrate with Eclipse and Netbeans?

What kind of adjustments do I have to do in my Java Build Path?

Please help!!!

Thanks in advance!


  • 1-select your project
    3-name it lib (just for convenince)
    4-drag and drop the PDFBox-0.7.3.jar and all files in the external folder (the folder came within pdfbox) int the lib folder you just created
    5-select them all (the .jar files) and right click then select add to build path

    good luck
  • Thanks, it works like you described!
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