please comment

here is a program written by me in Pascal and Assembly.


  • Why don't you post the code and schematic ? Someone may find it useful.
  • ok, i will
  • Below are some other questions you can help me to look into at your leisure:

    1. Write a Program that reads 2 dimensional matrices (say A & B) of
    M x N.Your program will compute the ressult matrix C[M,N] to the console (use procedures explicitly).

    2. Write a simple Pascal program that can calculate area of any circle.

    Expecting to hear from you.Cheers!

  • Very Very nice program. Only a question ... What port did u used to control the car ? The USB ?
  • Printer port memW[$0000:$0408+LPT*2]; where LPT is 0 or 1 depends on wich printer port do you want to use, but you can find the port number on memory $0000:$0408 or $0040:$0008
  • it would be very wonderful to use the usb-port instead of the LPT. If you can do such thing please reply .
  • I don't know how, here is some information about these ports, maybe helps. , My teacher says that printer port is better, cuz u can use electronic stuffs.
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