How to read, write and modify a wave file using Delphi

I am doing my Final project on audio applications using Delphi and I would like to get a pascal (Delphi) programme on reading, modifying (amplitude of a wave file) and saving the resulting wave file.
My purpose is to generate sine waves at different Amplitudes at 24 or 32 bits/sample. I have found that the package Audio-lab can generate these sounds but unfortunately, it is only for 16 bit/sample which means from -32768 to 32767. In my project, I need a large range from (-8388608 to 8388607) or more.
If any one can help me I really appreciate it, because I have waste a lot of time in this problem.
Thanks you before


  • An ebook called "Programming for Sound Wave Handling" may help you. The following is extracted from the chapter "Building and Playing Sound Wave Files".

    Non-compressed WAV files are in a simple format that can be considered as a head plus primitive wave data. WAV files can also be divided in the RIFF criteria into three chunks, that is identity chunk, format chunk and data chunk. Some files also include a 'fact' chunk with 12 bytes for additional description.

    [link=]Click to download that book.[/link]

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