Massive Project: Need Programmers for an MMORPG(May be profitable.)

I have thought up a complex Systhem of Values and Stats, Passive and Active Skills and Spells as well as a lot of not really Classes like in other RPGs but Groups of Connected Skills bearing the names of the good old classes, which can be combined at will, influencing each other positively and negatively. There are no Levels.
You can become a Magican, Cleric, Fighter, Bowman, Monk, Rouge, but this doesn't influence what you can do. Meaning you can either follow a path of these "Classes" or Combine single skills.
Something really innovative about the Game is Learn&Teach. Meaning you can teach the things you've learned to other Characters. Basic Skills will be taught by NPC's in exchange for Inter-Game-Currency&Quests advanced for really difficult quests(sometimes you will need a team for them) and the best ones only by admins, in exchange for... Well, what do you want? Money, Sex, Power? Well, anyway they will be taught to donators, who in exchange can teach them to other ppl.
Also you can Copy moves from other people if you see them often enough(And if the Magican speaks the incantation aloud.)
Experience will be awarded for killing things stronger than you and is nothing but a How-strong-is-that-guy-O-meter deciding what Quests one can do.(Or in which parties one is invited.) There should be a PVP option.

About me:
I am a Mathematics&Physics student at Uni-Leipzig. I can provide you with all Formulas and Values to make the Game Balanced(until now It is pretty Balanced with the Exeption of Monk VS Cleric, because both will have 2 contradictional Values each. The Monk can switch between using the 2, while the Cleric needs one of them for their Equipment and another one for all his good casts.)
And I also write often, meaning I will design all dialougue.
For example there will be a Story going on where Players can choose to watch, ignore, interfere, help the heroes or play the villian.

If you are interested I can Send you a Tutorial-Text I wrote complete with the backstory.

And lastly my programming talents: Well I can do Pascal and Clonk... I can Programm, I only never learned the language.
You would have to review the procedures and put them into Code, and then programm the game of course. You wont be alone(I do hope more than one person replies to this)
Send an E-Mail to and remove the "wirsing" if you are either not a spambot or a smart enough spambot to be able to help me.


  • Hi there,

    Did you get anyone interested? From my experience (for what it is worth) there sounds like there may be a few holes in what you are describing. Having said that there are one or two good ideas...

  • Please Please Point those Holes out.
    Maybe these are things I overlooked, but I think they are just insuficiently described by me.
    I am positive I can Clear them up.
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