Game Project: Need Programmer to add plugins to AAA Engine


We're a startup game studio who have purchased a license for a commercial game engine; Gamebryo to be precise; this is the engine which was used for Oblivion & the Elderscrolls games along with games such as Civilization IV; so its a powerful engine. However there are some key components which are missing from the engine which we would like to add.

As a startup we don't have huge amounts of cash so we don't have much to spend but need to extend the engines world editor to add new functionality. Therefore I am open to people who want to get into a startup games studios for the passion of it and also to paid offers.

The engines world editor is plugin based with most of the core functionality coming from standard plugins.

What we wish to do is extend the terrain and lighting system, changing a few things and adding some new things.

I'm thinking we need a 3d programmer and a shader programmer specifically.

Some of the things we want to add include:

[b]1. Grass Painting Support[/b]
We want to be able to paint an overlay texture onto a terrain.

Basically implementing something like this:

And adding functionality to the world editor for artists to paint the grass onto the terrain (like a distribution mask).

[b]2. Lightmap Support for Terrains[/b]
We also want to add lightmap support to the engines terrains, at the moment terrains don't support lightmaps or directional shadow casting so we want to add that so that our global illumination software can bake the terrain.

[b]3. Sky System[/b]
We also want to implement a dynamic sky system (that does not use static skydomes) & takes advantage of global illumination.

These are the key things right now but I'm sure there will be more to updates to the engine if you want them and I'm also willing to introduce you into the games production as well which will be paid once we have reached a BETA stage.

If you would like more information or would like to apply please drop me a message here or drop me an email at (this email is a spam preventative measure; my actual email will be given to applicants).

Although we are a startup we are talented with high production values, what we believe to be a great game idea & what we have worked on so far looks close to next gen; so this is worth getting involved in; I'll provide samples to people who apply.

Thanks for reasing and I look forward to hearing back from people.


  • Hi, I would be interested on getting more info about this project, if it's still available. I am working on an MMORPG using GameBryo 2.5 and now 2.6 where I have developed new plug in for SceneDesigner and also enhanced some features already existent and client code, so I have a fair amount of GameBryo knowledge. E-mail or PM me for further discussions.
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