String error on simple text game

Take a look at the program bellow.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace TextAdventureGame
class adventure
static void Main()
string person;
string occupation;
string seaCreature;
string animal;
string friend;
string tool;
string problem;

Console.WriteLine("Simple Adventure Game");

Console.Write("What is your name? ");
person = Console.ReadLine();

Console.Write("What is your occupation? ");
occupation = Console.ReadLine();

Console.Write("Please tell me your favorite animal: ");
animal = Console.ReadLine();

Console.Write("What is the name of your friend? ");
friend = Console.ReadLine();

Console.Write("Name a problem you might face: ");
problem = Console.ReadLine();

Console.Write("Name a tool: ");
tool = Console.ReadLine();

Console.Write("Please give me the name of a sea creature: ");
seaCreature = Console.ReadLine();


//write the story
Console.WriteLine("One day there was a person named {0}. Now, {0} was usually ", person);
Console.WriteLine("very content to work as a {0}, but sometimes the job", occupation);
Console.WriteLine("was very difficult.");
Console.WriteLine("One day, {0} discovered that the heardbreak of {1} had ", person, problem);
Console.WriteLine("occured just one time to often. "I can't stand being a ");
Console.WriteLine("{0} any more!" yelled {1}, as he hurled away his ", occupation, person);
Console.WriteLine("{0} in anger, No {1} will keep me from fulfilling", tool, problem);
Console.WriteLine("My dreams! What I really want, said {0}, is to be just like ", person);
Console.WriteLine("{0). Now THAT'S somebody to admire. So {1} put away the ", friend, person);
Console.WriteLine("{0} forever, and followed {1} into the pastoral", tool, friend);
Console.WriteLine("world of {0}-ranching. Eventually, {1} was able to ", animal, person);
Console.WriteLine("retire, as happy as {0}", seaCreature);


//Ask for Enter to quite
Console.Write("Press Enter to continue!");

} //end Main
} //end class
} //end namespace

When I compile the program in MS Visual C# 2008 it runs the program until it gets to the line

Console.WriteLine("{0). Now THAT'S somebody to admire. So {1} put away the ", friend, person);

The program does not run after that point and the compiler says that somethings wrong with my string formating. I got this program from the book "Microsoft C# Programming for the absolute beginner"

Can someone please help me out I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


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