can you help me with this program ?
it dont work correct,
output must be number of words which numbers of operatrs (+-*/)=2*(numbers of small characters)
[code].MODEL small
.STACK 100h
oz DB "Zadaj retazec:",10,13,"$"
retazec DB "Zadaj retazec : $"
male_znaky DB 0
operatory DB 0
vyhovujuce_slova DB 0
text DB 10,13,"Pocet slov : $"


mov ax, @data
mov ds, ax
mov dx,OFFSET oz
int 21h
lea dx, retazec ; nacitanie retazca
mov ah, 0Ah
int 21h

lea bx, retazec
xor cx, cx
mov cl, [bx+1]
mov si, bx
add si, 2


cmp WORD PTR [si], 20h ; medzera = nove slovo
je kontrola

cmp WORD PTR [si], 61h ; kontrola, ci sa jedna o male pismeno
jl operator
cmp WORD PTR [si], 7Ah
jg operator

inc male_znaky
jmp dalsi_znak


cmp WORD PTR [si], 2Ah ; kontrola, ci sa jedna o operator
jl dalsi_znak
cmp WORD PTR [si], 2Fh
jg dalsi_znak

inc operatory
jmp dalsi_znak

kontrola: ; vyhovuje podmienka (operatory = 2 * male_znaky) ?

call skontroluj


inc si
loop main_loop

call skontroluj


mov ah,09h
mov dx,offset text
int 21h
mov ah,vyhovujuce_slova
mov ax, 4C00h
int 21h

skontroluj PROC

mov al, male_znaky
mov ah, 2
mul ah
cmp al, operatory
jne zmaz

inc vyhovujuce_slova


mov male_znaky, 0
mov operatory, 0

ret 0

skontroluj ENDP

END start[/code]


  • Hello,

    First problem is that the first call to int 21h is made with the function number set to the high byte of AX (the address of the data segment.) you must set AH to 09h if you want to display a string.

    in the second call to int 21h, you have ah set to 0Ah; this is the function for string input, but the string 'retazec,' which this call references, is not set up as a string buffer for the 0Ah function. int 21h, function 0Ah expects a buffer: the first byte of which must be the length of the buffer, the second byte of which will be stuffed by teh interrupt with the number of bytes read (minus the final carriage return char.)

    I am having trouble understanding exactly what it is that your program is supposed to be doing, but I think if you do some more reseach into the interrupt functions, you will make better progress.

    Don't worry, Assembly language is tought at the beginning; just stick with it.

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