PHP5 - Modular programming, and project organization

In .NET & Java, modular programming is implemented as reusable assemblies or jar files, which can be referenced from other projects.

However, I found no such approach available in PHP. There is no way to write code that can be used across projects in a central location, and reference it from multiple projects. I need to copy/paste it manually to project directories, and keep them updated.

A bigger problem is include files. You have to include the file containing classes so that the classes are available. Now, I have begun working on a PHP project, that might end in excess of hundreds of classes. My way of programming is to keep each class in a separate file and logically organize classes in folders. Now how should I ensure that each script includes all files that contain classes it uses??

I though of one option. To organize the classes in namespaces, and arrange them in folders named after thir namespaces. Then I would implement the __autoload magic function, and include the file:

corresponding to the class name:

when that name is passed to the _autoload function. But soon I found out, that namespaces were made available in PHP 5.3, and the server I am working on has PHP 5.2.8

I am now thinking of to include just one file "includeAll.php" in every script, that would then include all my classes in every script.
Is that a good option in terms of performance or usability?
Does it affect performance to include files in a script that might not actually be used by the script??


  • i think you are trying to make your own MVC structure, but many are already available, like cakephp and zend framework. you should take a look at them.
  • am trying out cakePHP... and it really makes doing OOP in php a breeze.. i come from a java background and had to learn php out of frustration.. i kept having lots of website design jobs.. now though u can use java to build them... it felt like java would be an over kill for a simple site.. so my journey into php began... after a few months on php.. i decided to organize my code as best as i could to look like my java equivalent..but man that was hard.. until i stumbled upon cakePHP and now i can do my OOP php with ease..
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