Sending Keystrokes to different process


I'll apologise in advance, I'm a java developer by trade and have been asked to do something in C#, I also now little about the windows API.

What I need to do is have an application that send preprogrammed key strokes to an application when a user invoke it. I'm anticapting a fairly straight forward form where the user selects something from a list and clicks a button, the keystrokes associated are sent to the window that was last active. I would also like to be able record keystrokes typed by the user to an application. I'm aware that macro software like this exists but this is just a small part of an application.

I have searched a bit but I just can't find anything applicable on msdn or elsewhere, it doesn't help when I don't know what I'm looking for. Can anyone point me to some relevant documentation or suggest something to look into?

Cheers, Vic


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