NET DLL nightmare

Hi u all!!!

I have a website, dedicated to beauty products for women, ok? Sometime ago a friend of mine told me "hey! why don


  • Why aren't you using a WebClient?

    var m = new WebClient();
    var result = m.DownloadString("");

    I'm only asking this because it looks like you are just wanting to submit a basic GET url and receive the result in a string.

  • I have never tried that before.... I'll give it a try and let you know... But, what's the difference between the WebClient approach and the one I used??

    GLAD you wrote!!!
  • well all the stuff you were doing is actually done inside the WebClient - plus it handles all protocols and securities for basic page browsing. - it's like one step down from the WebBrowser object that actually renders the pages and runs scripts and all that.

    At least that's my understanding of it. :)

  • No luck at all... same error using WebClient object,
    dunno ... tks anyway...
  • Is there some kind of firewall or protection system that may allow your web browser to access the internet, but not other applications on the machine you are running from?

    Vista I think by default is set up to do this.

    Or - are you running through a proxy? You might need to set up the proxy on the WebClient.

    Using the web client should be able to assure you there is nothing wrong with your code as far as accessing a web page, so something externally must be blocking or not allowing your application access to the outside world.

    Also - do you have to log into your site? Does it need a cookie or any kind of authentication in order to access the page you are accessing?

  • dammit - this thing keeps double-posting
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