Rpg Maker 2003 for Mac Os X (10.3) Jaguar

I have some experience in the objective language c++ (cocoa) now and have decided it's time to try and go about doing a project and here it is.

Maybe some of you have heard of RPG maker 2003? I'm planning on taking the game and converting the english translated version from PC to MAC (I own both a PC and a MAC by the way).

Although there may be legal issues with doing this I am very aware of it and still wish to do it anyways as a learning experience soley. I may give a copy of the program to those who ask for it, and I'd appreciate any help from anyone who is interested. Any sites perhaps on finding information would be usefull, I already have some experience in programming the WIN32 API, and anything that is C++ to an okay level. (I just got CodeWarrior 8 for Windows and Mac and Xcode for Mac os X.3)

This will just be a little side project to my main job which I posted on another entry. Any ideas?


  • If you do end up making a version plzzz send to me I have a mac after a breakdown on my windows cpu and I have been bored stiff without it!!

    Also if you did XP or VX send me those!!!


  • That actually seems to be a good idea. Have you thought of commercializing it. There may be scope here.
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