read/write data in ms access or ms excel

hi ALL!
does any 1 know how to read /write data from ms access or ms excel using javascript.
KIndly advice for the same.


  • Without knowing how they store the data, it can't be done. And they aren't likely to store the data in any sort of way that makes it at all easy to read/write manually.

    Even if you do know, while not entirely impossible (ActiveX will let you write, and you can probably read by putting the files in an object tag and reading that) it is highly infeasible. Like making a jpeg in Notepad, only harder.

    There are probably fairly easy ways to do it in several server-side languages, but Javascript is completely the wrong tool.
  • [size=4]You [italic]are [/italic]able to connect to Microsoft Access using JavaScript when the HTML file is run locally and the Access .mdb file is accessible to the file system it does not work remotely due to the obvious security issues.

    I had a situation where this functionality was actually useful, so I wrote a JavaScript library to simplify the process. This library allows you to execute SQL queries in a single command with the option of selecting the output format of the result-set from choices including [italic]JSON[/italic], [italic]XML[/italic], and [italic]HTML[/italic].

    I had a great deal of difficulty finding information or examples of how to connect to Access, so I decided to share my code with the world...

    The library is called [u][italic][b][link=]ACCESSdb[/link][/b][/italic][/u] and you can get it here: [link=][/link][/size]
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  • This post has been deleted.
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