hello everyone i would if i may ask a question before i start programing i was told and advised to learn delphi kylinx

and before i do my job is networking by the way,never programed in my hole life and i would like to ask if i may and hope that someone qwould take the time to awnser my question what is the processing of delphi kylinx generaly used for example

application programs

web script ect what is the general use for delphi kylinx and what is the main arcehtecture behind its usfullness within the programing world and what is it most used for i would like to thankyou for taking the time in reading may mail yours sincerly shadowdevelopment


  • Hi
    You want to know what's about Delphi and the purpose of Delphi?
    That's easy to explain ...
    Delphi is based on Pascal, a language with a very simple and understandable syntax, as a consequence of that you can read the code although you have never programmed before.
    But the jutting special of Delphi is the idea of Rapid Application Development (short: RAD). The purpose of RAD is the fast development of applications with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for example: An application like Word with a visual surface on a windows desktop system.

    In a RAD development environment like the Delphi-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) you have the possibility to build the surface of your application like a LEGO-building. You have a lot of prewritten components like buttons and textboxes (Delphi: edits) and you are able to place them on your frame. At the same time the Delphi-IDE generates the necessary code for the GUI in the background.
    So you are able to build very fast the surface of your application.

    But ... you have to programm to!
    For example you have to define what shall happen if a button is clicked.
    But this is no problem ... the Delphi-IDE has a build in code-completion and trys to help you when ever its possible.

    I could write a whole book about this topic but now I shall finish because it would be to complicated.

    Last I want to say: The main purpose of Delphi is building nativ Windows application - fast and easy.
    [size=1]But you can use Delphi like C/C++ and a lot of other programming languages too , to build webapplications but you have to use CGI.[/size]

    Fabian Classen

    PS: Please don't mind my "bad" English.

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