HELP with Rock, Paper, Scissor Game

[color=Blue]This is the template that we are suppose to use while doing the program, I am a beginner to this programming language and really have no clue what I am doing[/color]

import random
#table of winning plays
win_play_for = {


  • Hello, swt_thang.
    Here are a couple suggestions for you.

    You don't need to keep track of next b/c you can get to the end of the list with
    hist[-1] or hist[len(hist)-1]

    You can update hist with either
    hist += ['x'] #'x' has to be in a list here

    You can guess the player's next move using something like
    move = hist[random.randint(1, len(hist)-1)]#selects a random element out of hist
    move = win_move_for[move] #converts the player's move into what would beat it
    #the above 2 lines could be smushed into one line, but I ran out of room

    You can calculate who wins w/ something like:
    if win_move_for(user_move) == move:
    #computer wins
    elif win_move_for(move) == user_move:
    #user wins
    #tie, assuming valid input

    Hope that helps.
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