derivative problem

Can anyone help me in solving the derivative of the equation f=sinh(px)*cos(py)/sinh(p)? I need to derive it based on its unit normal vector, means i need the answer of df/dn.

[p =pi=3.142]



  • i may be wrong, but you just take the derivative of f. that means, if you have F=A/B then F' = [B *(derivative of A)]-[A * (derivative of B)] / B^2

    in other words: low D high minus high D low all over low squared.
    where D means derivative of.
  • Are you searching a numerical solution or a symbolic one?
  • I'm trying to solve it analytically, not numerically.
  • Thanks for your reply. But unfortunately, you have misunderstood my question.
    I know derivative of a funtion, but this equation, it doesn't have the unit normal vector,n in it, so I don't know how to derive it become df/dn. The way you teach me is to derive the equation become df/dx or df/dy.

    By the way, thanks for your reply.
  • To whom it may concern,
    I had already solved the problem. So, need not to think for me on this derivative problem. Thanks.
  • Can you tell me how did you solve the problem?
  • Ok, please refer to the attachment. Hope you can understand what did I write there. :)
  • Thank you.
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