How to combine Blender 3D animation with GUI software for CNC?

Hi, I'm now doing my final project. I make a GUI software to control the motion of the CNC machine.

I want to make the 3D animation on my software, which that if we give command to move the stepper motor, the box in the 3D animation is also moving, as far as how much bit that we send to move the stepper motor on the CNC machine.

I've tried to made the GUI using Microsoft Visual Studio, and made the 3D object with blender. My Question are:
1. What language should I use? C++, C#, or else?
2. How do I combine the 3D animation which I made by blender with the GUI software that I made by MS.Visual Studio? I want if we click the button in the GUI software, the stepper motor on the CNC machine move after 3D animation on the software move, as the simulation of the real movement on the CNC.

thanks a lot...


  • It's up to you which language you use. If performance is an issue or this will be running on a slower machine then I recommend C++. You can go with DirectX or OpenGL for the 3D aspects. DirectX is a microsoft product and may integrate a little easier with visual studio.

    I'm assuming when you say Microsoft Visual Studio that means that you have Visual C++ at your disposal...

    So either you can figure out how to display your 3D model in a window via DirectX or OpenGL, or you can rebuild your GUI in a game engine like CrystalSpace3D or the Ogre3D rendering engine. I'm positive one of those has a GUI toolkit that emulates the windows look.

    Also have a quick look on google searching for the terms "code load blender model" and you'll find lots of examples.
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  • hi,
    i have read your post regarding a cnc simulation.i am working on somthing similar.can you help me if you have succesfully simulated the cnc.
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