Java vs C++

Hey people.
I have a question.
which is faster,c++ or java?why?


  • C++. Java is compiled to bytecode and then interpreted, whilst C++ is compiled directly to machine code.
  • C++ also lacks garbage collection, which makes it faster as well.
  • And could you two explain a little about bytecode and garbage collection?
    thanks again
  • C++ is obviously faster than Java. But unless you're building a complex computer program, speed (java vs c++) is negligible since current PCs are fast. I mean really fast.. :-)
  • Java is perfect for desktop/web applications, where there is no performance demand. Programs with higher performance demands are almost always written in C/C++, for example are the vast majority of all computer games written in C/C++.


    Regarding speed, Intel/AMD CPUs are really really fast, while PCs are very, very slow :-) If I continously feed data to my brand new, super flashy gigahertz dual core yadayada PC, from a tiny slugglish 4MHz 8-bit microcontroller from the eighties, the PC will choke and crash. The reason for this is known as Microsoft Windows.

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