beginner-which language to choose?

[code]Hi to all.Sorry I'm writhing here but it was hard to decide where to put my question.Anyway I want to ask you guys for advice.I need to change my career and I choose to start with programming.I dont have any previous experience in this area.From a couple of days Im reading for this and that language and I cant make my mind.I did read about Java,Python and Ruby.I actually start reading 2 Java books but Im still not convinced.I will appreciate any ideas very much.Where and with what to start?Which of those languages is a good beginning of programmer career.Thank you.[/code]


  • Hi Zibaduan,
    As far as i am concerned, for starting a programming career u can start with 'C' then 'C++' then 'Java'.. Please don't think that I showing you a lengthy path.. ;) Initially I started my programming career with C.. I understood every aspect of it well (ex. variable, constant, array, etc).. and I think that is the base for me to understand any new language that i learn newly.. learning C++ help u know about OOPS.. This is the path that i took.. :)

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  • Rajesh is right!! Although C could be more difficult to learn that Java, but still its a very good language for beginners. Like what rajesh says at least you will learn the basics from C (variables, control structures, functions).. and from there you will jump to Java. And when you're in Java the limit will only be your imagination.. :-) good luck on your new career path..
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