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I have searched the forums for code to print text but I can't find a way to print a record. Any way to do this?

I am doing a hotel reservation program and I need a way to show a schedule of reservations based on what day it is.... i have the gettime and getdate functions in my program....

thanks for the help


  • Printers are very well supported in DOS, but this is taken from the TP7 help files:
    Printer Unit
  • i am doing this as an learning experience....
  • try writeln(guest[x])

    in a repeat loop until you get the results you want.

    you want to print the list[array], right?

    the only way to convert it back to a string with what I mentioned above.
    you can seek by doing guest[x] operations,just set x to what you want.

    an easier way might be to implement a single or double linked list.

    any decent book on pascal should have this in it. they are super cheap nowadays.

    don't rely on the old crt unit. the delay loop is broken above pentium 200.

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