XNA and C#

Let me start be explaining just how much of an inexperienced programmer I am. I started TRYING to learn C++ some years back with a dream of being able to write games. But the further est I ever got was simple DOS based screen programs,using the simplest of functions and a few loops and if/els statements. I would read a book till I finally couldn't understand any more, get mad and through it down, and buy another one.

I just bought a two book set for game programming using C#. The books are called "Learn Programming Now! - Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0" & "Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step".

So here are my questions.

First, is there any real hope of me learning to program?

Is C# really a good alternative programming language for C++?

I would eventually like to start writing programs for Linux, is this a good language for that as well? If not, then what is?

Even though I would like to eventually learn to write programs for Linux, I chose these books because I though it would be a good place to start due to the tools available and the suppose ed ease. And because it look similar to C++. So if I learn on a Microsoft based system like XNA, will I still be able to transist to Linux with that programming knowledge?

When I use tools like XNA, I am equiped and taught to program using so many tools and pre-programmed libraries, I fell like I might not really be learning to program at all, any input on that?

Thanks everyone for all your help and replies.


  • Let me start by saying thet the principals of game programing,
    are pretty much the same in all programing languages.
    XNA gives you alot of tools to make your game, but you need to make the game engine yourself, wich is a good thing.
    C# is a nice programing language, including manny importent consepts.
    the book "Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Step by Step by john sharp" is a good book to leran C# funtumentals. you can also use the tuturials at XNA creators club, they are very help full.

    regarding game programing for Linux C# is not an option as far as I know, but the consepts you will leran will help you in any modern language and on any system.
  • So your saying it's impossible to write a program for Linux using C#? I didn't think it mattered what language you used as longs as you wrote the program or game for the OS that you wanted it to run on? Thanks for the reply.
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