return a function when button is pressed

Hi all, I'm probably missing something terribly simple here but I have this function:

function openFileDialogInstance (ftype, windowId)
var returnId;

function openFileDialog (ftype, windowId)
win = new Window({id: windowId + "-openfile", className: "bluelighting", title: "Open File...", width:300, height:200, destroyOnClose: true, recenterAuto:false});
win.getContent().update("Your " + ftype + " files:

function getFilesOpenable (ftype)

var getFilesOpenableRequest = new Ajax.Request (
"/framework/openfiledialog.php?ftype=" + ftype, {
method: 'get',
onComplete: outputGetFilesOpenable

function outputGetFilesOpenable(output)
var data = output.responseText.evalJSON();

//populate links

//<a href="javascript:returnId = $files['id']">" . $files['name'] . "
//document.getElementById("filesopenable").innerHTML = responseText;

openFileDialog(ftype, windowId);

I populate the links so that when one is pressed returnId is equal to the number of the link pressed.

My issue is, how to make openFileDialogInstance return returnId when one of those links is pressed?

Thanks in advance for any help :)


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