Mail Sending Failure in Asp.Net


I am getting General Failure Exception saying that
net_io_connection closed. When i click the send button first time, I am receiving a mail and its fine, For second or third time, i am getting an error.

Please help me to fix this issue..

Thanks in advance


  • In my experience, If the connection is not directly close by your program ( Logical Error ) then I beleive this is the problem with firewall from the server.

    Check your logic one more time. The connection my be closed by your program somewhere before you click the button second time.

    If the problem still occur, then you can try con config the firewall to gain the permition of your program.
  • you have to make sure that, your smtp client is not configured to sending 1 mail at a time.Just try to check the properties of your smtp client and hopefully you will be able to solve this issue.
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