SOAP and Windows App. communication

Dear Experts

I ave a Windows application,requires to have an online communication with another Windows App and a WEB service,as I've studied,I can us SOAP to exchange data between 2 application,independent of their platform,but I'm a begginer in this field.I have a good back ground in Windows Sucket programming,a weak back ground in WEB programmin and a good one in Windows application programming usin VC++ and VC#.All documents I've studied have examples about SOAP using HTTP,but how about an Inranet or a local LAN,how 2 applications can use suc a protocol to exchange data on a local LAN?
Any guide lines is highly appreciated

Sincerely,Reza AsAdi


  • in LAN, WAN ... ( well any *ANs are all the same ) all you need to do:
    1. use SOAPFormater to Serialize your data into a stream.( anyway, most streams in .NEt are similar.)
    2. send your data as TEXT to the client site ( Socket ) make sure you use a same Code base in both client and server sites.
    3. Since your app is in .net framework in both client and server, you still can use SOAPFormater to deserialize your data within a stream.

    If you dont use .NET in client site, then you need to understand how to translate these XML data to your data within that framework.

  • Thank you very much,IT,I'll try your guide lines,this is a straight forward guide.

    Reza AsAdi
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