How to enable a list box from a combobox in C#?

Hello everybody. I'm new in C# and i have a question. What i want to do is to enable a listbox from a combobox. Let me give you an example so you can understand!!!

Lets say that the combobox has these values:1,2,3
I want when the user chooses the 2 a listbox to be enabled with information about 2. If he chooses the 1 a listbox to be enabled with information about 1.

Can somebody help me???

Thanks and merry Christmas!!!!!!!


  • Hi,

    Do you populate the listbox from a Database?
  • Use the Combobox's selectedindexchanged event. Read the value of the selected value and use that and then display or enable the listbox of you desire. If you are using in, kindly let me know i can post some sample code here.
    "Always Smile :)"
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