Problem with Visual Studio 2008


I am developing an ASP.Net application using Visual Studio 2008 in Visual Basic and I have hit a couple of problems, which I really do need some help with. The first problem is:
1. I have created a style sheet which contains gifs for rollover effects on buttons. In the style sheet I have stated where the gifs can be found, a folder in the application called pictures. Unfortunately, the gifs are not showing in the buttons unless I move them from folder. In the url for the style sheet I have given the absolute path and even the "~picturespic1.gif", but other versions, but nothing is working. Does anyone have a solution for this?
2. My other problem is with MS Word.. I need to have my application to show a word document in MS Word Viewer 2003 or MS Word 2003, but the customer does not want users altering the document, and has requested for the command bars to be disabled. For some reason I am unable to reach the command bar properties to set them to visible = false. I have tried all sorts of ways to access it, but visual studio keeps throwing me an error. Does anyone know how to hide all the commandbars?
Thank you in advance.


  • Hi,

    Your first problem is a sticky one. I have had many long nights because of it. Have you considered using a Master page and themes?

    What is the error VS2008 gives you?
    Did it work before or is this a new implementation?
    Are you running on Vista with Office installed?


  • are you running ur visual studio on vista or xp.check through ur lines of codes.
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