SMS Server

I have to do a graduation project. In and i need some help .
My project will consist a part in which the admin can send SMS to the clients and the clients SMS to notify them. the Clients can also send SMS to other clients.please suggest me what database can be used in this project and also help me with some codings

thankful for the help to be rendered in advance.



  • Hi satyanarayan,

    mysql has progressed leaps and bounds in the last years, you can use it for free. SQL server also has a community edition you can use for free.

    As for the SMS part, I am not sure how the cell phone operators work in your country. There are many third party vendors out there providing custom packages for sending SMS :


  • thanks Mr.Brutes.

    i've gone thru the link.. still im not clear on it can u help me out ..?
  • Ok,

    Where about are you located?
    Maybe there is a way to send a SMS in your country for free.

    Does it have to be a SMS?
  • HI,
    im in india . there are many websites that sends free sms to mobiles in india. i've not tried sending messages abroad. im in my final yr of my post graduate studies and im doing this as my project. the title is sms server , where the client is connected with the local service providers. the server is to be connected with some gateways/api devices.. im confused with wat api devices are.

    im in the initial stages of my project. the design work is to be carried out by this week end..
  • ok,

    The best way would be through a webservice.
    Maybe the websites you are referring to provides a Webservice interface into their system.
    See it that is the case.
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