HElp. Please

Happy new year to you right there, Hope everthimg i s fine with you there...Please I need your help in Developing an Algorithm for a Question to be solved by Laplace Method.

The Question goes furhter.

Use Laplace Method to solve the above Differential Equation and Develop an Algorithm for it Using Either Pascal Or Java to write a computer program for the solution.

Please It is urgently needed and I will highly Appreciate if I hear back from you.



  • If you manage to pull together a pseudo-code, I could help you implementing it... Some 10 years passed since I last used differentials, so totally forgot how to solve them :-( You could try to visit some math forums also.
  • Thanks for your reply, Below is the solution of the Differential equation where L stands for Laplace. It will be of great pleasure if you could help me very quickly because it is being needed before thursday. Thanks very much.

    Use the Laplace Transform to evaluate
  • Tough cookie... this requires quite complex code to do.
    How familiar are you with Pascal ?
    You need to write a parser to analyze the input function ( look at: for a couple of examples, however these cover quite basic operations only, but could use it to expand it to your needs ), to make things simple support only those functions what are contained in your equation. From this point follow though every step needed to solve the problem, this involves further parses down the road and pattern recognitions...
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