Microsoft Transcriber (Handwriting Recognition)

This may not be the right place for such a question, but as all other avenues have been unsuccessfully exhausted, I thought I'd ask the real experts; the programmers.

This question relates to the Microsoft Transcriber handwriting recognition utility, that is built into Windows Mobile Professional editions.

After building up a considerable shorthand database of my own, the entire list was wiped out by hard resets, twice, and I am now building yet another set, from scratch.

Does anyone know where this shorthand file is saved, or if there is any way to back it up for future use?

Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.


  • Problem solved, thanks to Mobile Device MVP Raj Pillai.

    Apparently, the Microsoft Transcriber stores the user-defined shorthand macros in the system registry itself, under the current user's software settings, in a sub-folder labeled 'Accelerators'. Exporting this folder to a registry file essentially backs up the shorthand macros, which can be imported back again, if and when required.

    Thanks Raj!
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