anchor tag

Dear sir,
It is a very simple classical example, for linking
two pages of same web site.

The page in use is "Login.aspx " page
and contains the following statement/code.

If you are not a member, please


As understood and expected response is that a link should
be formed ( using the word " register" ), and curser/pointer
be changed to "hand symbol" indication that the link exists,
and when clicked, it should connect to the page StudentProfile.aspx
and open it.

How in my case , the linked is not being formed. Spending hours
to check and recheck the error, problem could not be resolved.

Kindly point out the error , and the solution.
I am really sorry , it is an axtermly simple example ,but some
thing is being overlooked and not catching the sight.

Plz help.
Abdul Hayee.


  • I am having trouble with same thing when I have an xxx on a page login.aspx that is set up in web.config
    to use formsauthentication.
    It always redirects to login.aspx?returnurl=xxx.aspx - I just want to call the page.

    How does one do this???
  • Somebody helped me!!!

    Here's what you gotta do if you have any anchor on a formsauthentication page that you do not want to go through the authentication>

    Put this in your web.config...

    This goes directly under the tag in the web.config

    Add this for each page that you want to navigate to from login.aspx that you have formsauthentication on.

    such as forgotusername.aspx registeronline.aspx etc

    Thanks to Smit Arigapudi who just KNEW this...

    Anastasia, GIS Gal
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