can I convert my form2 to a seperate application ??

I wanted that my application has two forms form1 and form2 where one form modifies other form i wanted when i click on button on my form then it gets all code and compiles into a seperate exe any one please help me out
actually i also wanted to know how these rat or keylogger tools create server
or renote installation files by user specification my purpose is same like dat.....


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Sup dude!

    I was not sure if you are not native english or just lazy at writing in forums, but I couldn't really understand what you are asking.

    I am not sure of the value behind having two forms in one project that compile themselves into seperate programs, or if this is even do-able. Maybe if you give us more information about what you are trying to do we can provide you with some help!

    What are you asking about the Rat or Key Logger programs? As far as I know a KeyLogger is simply a program that runs behind the scenes and gathers keystrokes from the system into a flat file or something similar. It could be wrapped into a trojan which provides vulnerability I guess.

    When I was a teenager I thought writing viruses and trojans would be fun. Now that I am a professional coder I have a much different view on the subject. Before you go writing malware such as a Remote Access Tool or a Trojan, keep in mind that it is these very softwares that allow people to steal identities, credit information, passwords, etc. Because of this I now have to run a FATTT antivirus that slows all my video games and music production software down. Then I have to scan my computer weekly to make sure no little spywares got on it... It's all a pain in the a$$ if you ask me... all because some punk thought it would be funny to make a virus, trojan, spyware, etc.

    I am not one to hold knowledge, but i am not too keen on helping someone write the malicious software I hate so much.

    I think there are a few forums devoted to this style of programming, but most people get to the heart of coding and write their software in C++ or ASM because the power is far greater with these languages.

    VB.Net is more of an application building language, while it is possible to do what you are thinking, you will find it tedious and sometime cryptic on how to achieve certain things that are a few lines of code in C++.

    Happy Coding,
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