Is there a way?

First, here's some source I am manipulating.



Alright, I want to make a button in the second frame that will close the first frame and have the second frame take over. The first frame is gone and the second frame is left alone, taking over the page.

Is there a function for this?
Noob programmer at Actionscript and C++.

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  • First problem is no way with this site: http://

    containing the code known as a framebuster:
    [code]if (top != self) { top.location = self.location; }[/code]
    that causes the page change the url from your source to theirs.

    Other sites that do allow them to be captured in frames can be manipulated by setting width dynamically to 0 or using the DOM (Docuemnt Object Model) to remove that frame node. Both using javascript or similar.

    With a fair knowledge of C, a desktop app could produce results similar to a frameset, but not with HTML

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    -Russ aka DangeRuss
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