How to use DualCore with mere assembler?

yeah, like the topic says, i want to let my tiny self-programmed operating system use dualcore-support, but i cant find really anything, which could describe me how i acces the second core.
I hope somebody here in this community can give me some links to technical-docs or so. But the best would be, if someone could give me a small example-code and a link to a document, so that i can learn with this exemple-code.
As exemple a program in assembler, which creates 2 tasks, which do some different things, like adding eax to ebx.

My imagination:
load_in_core0 program_task1
load_in_core1 program_task2

mov ecx,2
mov eax,9
rep mul eax


add eax,2

let_this_core_sleep_and_let_the other_core_return_to_the_main_code

EDIT: i found something, that would fit my needs, but its written in c++, but i need it in assembler:


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