Windows CE Applications & Access XP MDB's

SmartDevice Gurus,
Can a Windows CE device fullfill the following application requirments?
(assuming at 802.11 wireless connection)

Query an Access 2003 .MDB sitting on a network share?


  • Yes.
    Assuming your 802.11 is working fine.
    And your desktops has 802.11 compatibility. (A wireless network card with a wireless router). Wi-Fi. 2.4GHz. And them are working fine. (Bluetooth uses 2.4GHz too, them can interfere with each other)
    Every Windows uses SMB protocol over 802.11 network protocol. (Every windows can see other windows, even Linux with Samba).
    There are drivers for 802.11 in Windows CE since the year 2000. (CE 2.0 ?).
    Windows CE runs .NET, and .NET can query Access Databases.

    [red]Good luck![/red]
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