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My company is ni process of a contract with a Bank for Payee Name updation by cheque images provided by bank. Bank will give us a CD containing more than 10000 images of cheques and what we have to do is to open that image and update Payee Name (Whome the cheque is being issued). all images are .tif files. So we are trying to make a software for the same activity in visual bacis. These images are rotated 180 degree and i need then rotated again in my viewer. require a command or a plugin in utility to my software that enables me to view the images in a rotated form. If this is not possible i want a tool that resizes/rotates my images in a batch keeping the same folder

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    If your company is working on a regular base with images that have conversion issues, try looking at the SDK ImageGear of Accusoft.

    It's a great tool for incorporating image conversions in Visual Basic.


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