Pleas help me ?

hi, i'm a 17 year old guy i have heard about unix and linux I would like some guidence on were i can start learning more about it and starting to work with it.

so if anyone can help me i would be grateful.

I hope im not asking too much.


  • the best way to begin your linux experience is probably via a live cd (which is a cd that you can run linux from without having to install it on your computer's hard drive). This way you can see some of the things linux has to offer, albeit a live cd is much slower that when installed on the hard drive.

    there is a list of live distros at:

    but i would recommend either ubuntu, mepis or knoppix for a beginner as they are fairly user friendly and all include an installer (if you want to install to the hard drive) and they are all based on debian, a very stable linux distro with a very good package management tool. Ubuntu will even ship you a free cd:

    there is a a fair bit of documentation about (depends on what you are looking for really) but the linux documentation project is a good place to look for information:


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