MUSICa - The birth of a new MMOG - Help Wanted

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Team name :
Still Thinking (thats the team name)

Project name :

Brief description :
MUSICa is a new type of MMOG, on which the main purpose of the game is to be a music star. The game will have some MMOG content, so you will level up or have quest and such, but in a bigger way. When creating a character, you can choose from a singer, guitar player, drum player, keyboard player and a few more. Once in the world of MUSICa, you can form a band, compete with other players, and compete with other bands battle of the bands, as well the having quests and battling monster and other MMOG functions. The monster battle is not the tradition one; monster will have feelings in these games. Therefore, if a monster might be sleepy then you can play/sing lullaby to the monster to sleep, if you are successful, the monster will give you either money or item otherwise the monster will attack you (for disturbing him). I also want to implement a popularly level in the game, so you might the popular in an area but not in other and once completing those tasks you will be rewarded.

Target aim :

Compensation :
Any Profit will be share with members.

Technology :
C++ of course and OpenGL (creating own engine).

Talent needed :

Concept Artist
GFX Artist
Public Relations
Sound Artist

Team structure :
Vegnadragon me: Modeler, Animator.
Vible: Coder
magdreamer: GFX artist
lithium: modeler.

Website :
MUSICa Website website

Contacts :
Forum: MUSICa Forum


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